Shortcut Tricks to solve Sequences and Series Questions

If you are a keen maths lover then you might have gone through the term Sequences and Series. In mathematics, there are two types of progression series that are AP (Arithmetic Progressions) and the GP (Geometric Progression). It is a fact that many students find these tasks a challenging one to understand fundamental concepts. 

But it is an important module from an exam point of view. That is why many MCQ based competitive exams have this module to test your knowledge. Taking shortcuts every now and then is your habit that is why we compiled a few shortcut tricks to solve Sequences and Series questions. Read on and find out the suitable trick that you can implement in your exam. 

Tips and tricks to solve Sequences and Series Questions

Using formulas to solve

There are some of the basic formulas of sequence and series that you need to remember. For instance, a + (n-1)d and many others. Having the basic knowledge of these formulas is required so that you will land up getting the right answer. Just put values and you will get the right answer. For that purpose, go through the entire textbook chapter and determine which formula suits your learning path.

If you are confident enough in yourself, then try your luck with different questions available in the digital space and other resources. If this shortcut is working on the initial stage, now is the time to push yourself more and acquire the knowledge. After all, yielding productive results are your main motto.

Determine the series style

Whether the number series gave is in cubes or squares? You need to determine this first. If the number series is in the square then you need to answer the next square number in that series. And if it is of the cube, then write the cube of that particular number. For instance, 3, 9, 27 and then what? Yes, you guessed it right! The answer is 81! So, in this manner, you have to answer and gain good scores in your exams.

However, you should know squares and cubes at least till 20. If you are not following this guidance, the solving process will be time-consuming. And this is not a good sign for you when you are sitting for a competitive exam. Thus, have the proper knowledge and write the right answer to gain good scores. This is the best shortcut that many students should know to solve sequence and series.

Find the type of sequence

To solve any problem you need to find out what kind of problem are you facing. Likewise, when you are dealing with this module, there are many types of sequences you need to deal with. In simpler words, there are many types of sequences like Arithmetic, geometric, harmonic and Fibonacci. Those who do not know what are harmonic and Fibonacci, read this post carefully. 

Harmonic Sequence is a the sequence derived by the reciprocals of the elements of an arithmetic sequence. And in a sequence when sum of the two preceding terms provide you the succeeding term it is called as the Fibonacci ones. Ask your mentors and learning peers from where you can acquire more knowledge. Just give a quick look on online notes and gain the valuable knowledge.

Final Thoughts

You need to have a good command over concepts and learn valuable knowledge. That is why many academic experts suggests to focus and learn fundamentals of this module. Whether it is IIT JEE exam or board exams, this guide will help you in all platforms. So, do not ignore this guide and follow it from today itself.

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